"A few notes transport the listener halfway across the world. It's a delicious shapeshifting, a product of Xu's glorious imagination and talent. It's quietly daring and provocative, a very satisfying joy."

- Chris Nickson, Rootsworld, 10/2021

"A work of luminous artistry"

- Charlie Cawood, Songlines ★ ★ ★ ★ 12/2021

"Barbora Xu travels far from the beaten path, exploring spaces where ancient ideas live side by side with present day views. Drawing on Taiwanese indigenous spiritual chants, Finnish folk poetry and her own imagination, Barbora's music is a slowly burning gem."

- Petr Dorůžka 6/2021

"With ethereal subtlety and nuanced simplicity, Xu manages to seamlessly intertwine East & West as if they were complimentary cousins, not vastly different cultures that exist half a world apart."

- Genevieve Andersen, Folkworks 11/2021